Plants have over 500,000 compounds, some claim millions. About 70% of plant metabolites are channelled towards protection against diseases and pests as well as mitigating various stress conditions. This vast potential has not been tapped yet due to the higher complexity involved. However, it has the potential to revolutionize the crop health products offerings.
New compound from plant origin are also likely to use new and multiple MOA (Mode of Action). The markets need new MOA to face resistance.

The team has developed a systematic approach for the various stages of compounds assessment, chemical and biological analysis and other processes related to production methods, up scaling and regulatory work.
This robust set of competences coupled with unique type of collaboration with a leading academic institution is about to bring breakthrough products with the major impact to the target markets.

The process involves a proprietary prioritization phase which takes into account multiple aspects of the developed product.

Scalability represents one of the major bottlenecks for bio-based crop protection products development.

Recent developments in synthetic biology open whole array of possibilities for engineering micro organism (bacteria, yeasts or plants themselves) to produce the compounds of interest.

We are developing company know-how and collaborating with the world leading laboratory in plant metabolism to apply variety of approaches including synthetic biology to address the issue of scalability.

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