Metabolic Insights Is Using the Plants Molecules to Protect Crops, and Us

18 April, 2023
Amir Noy, CEO of Metabolic Insights doesn’t mince his words: “The truth of the matter is that without pesticides between 25-40% of all crops will fail, and the catastrophic result will be one third of the human population dying of starvation. It’s our job to prevent that from happening, in a healthy, environmentally safe way"

Metabolic Insights Signs Exclusive Botanical Bio-Fungicide Agreement with a Leading European Pesticides Manufacturer

3 April, 2023
This follows a recent agreement with a small Israeli company for another botanical bio-fungicide. Company now offers 10 materials to pesticides manufacturers

Metabolic Insights Receives Grant From EU Horizon 2020

8 November, 2022
Metabolic Insight together with its academic partner Weizmann Institute of Science in Rechovot, Israel, was again rewarded for its participation in the prestigious consortium alongside other leading pesticide companies.

Metabolic Insights Launches Another Bio Fungicide to Keep Your Fruit and Vegetables Safe

1 November, 2021
MIF107 is the ninth active ingredient offered now by Metabolic Insight. These natural, plant-derived single-molecule compounds offer an eco-friendly way to reduce mildew and other microorganisms.

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